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Fitted pair

Recycled from family metal

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As part of my dedication to recycling, I encourage you to rummage in your unloved jewellery.

Find those pieces you don’t wear, because for custom work you can use your own precious stones and precious metals!

Maybe you might choose to have a completely fresh start, or keep some elements of the original decoration, creating something new.

Items must be solid metal from which to recycle, not rolled/filled/plated. 

special things we inherit

sentimental items

wedding band from someone who has passed

old fashioned family rings

grannies silver cutlery!

long forgotten jewellery in the back of your cupboard

broken necklace

odd earrings

any unworn items

bonded projects.

use the same start metal and split between several works

wedding bands, or pairs, made from the same melt

heirloom metal, made new, shared

Please ensure that any items that are part of a recycling project have expressed permission from any parties concerned. Particularly in cases of grief, sensitive consideration is vital.