It is my absolute pleasure to introduce you to my ready to wear line of everyday jewellery.

This years collection is light and wearable, some having particular interest in being durable and hair-safe, some even have a flash of gold.

Made primarily out of sterling silver, 92.5% silver. Never filled, rolled or plated.

Precious metals will often carry hallmarks and makers marks to indicate what they are made of and by whom.

Meet the Jeweller

I am a self taught jeweller from Gloucestershire in the UK, and I have been working with precious metals since 2020 following the death of my beloved father and the covid 19 pandemic.

I set about learning metal smithing skills, after an incident in a friends garage with a blowtorch and a broken earring, highlighted just how much there was to the process!

With support of my loved ones, family and friends, the vast resources online and the guidance found on YouTube! I was able to fettle-fix and repair my own jewellery. Continuing to learn and practice without burning the house down!

Now, concept designing and making my own original jewellery pieces. Learning fundamental techniques and practicing skills. Even reverse engineering to find adaptations to fit my own ideas. Working with fire and hammers I have made a space to be creative, to compliment my love of the earth and all its treasures… for you! To keep, or gift, and celebrate joy with others.

People and the planet are important to me. I have come from a retail background heavily influenced by the difference every single person can make. From fair trade commitments, to recycling admin staples and everything in between! My primary goal is to work sustainably, for the ethical consumer and all of our inner treasure hunters.

Remake Reuse Recycle

Handmade jewellery, designed and forged from silver and gold, old and new.

I utilise recycled metals and recyclable packaging.

I also provide a service, to custom pieces and bespoke makes, where you can recycle your own unloved jewellery into new works to be worn again. Precious family metals can be remade, redesigned and may even become heirlooms of the future.